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The Her Hoop Stats Podcast: WNBA & NCAA Women’s Basketball

May 27, 2022

The Courtside Crew and all of Her Hoop Stats is sending love and support to all those affected by the act of domestic terrorism in Uvalde, Texas. If you want to call your representative and demand action on gun violence, here are two good resources for you: and a list of US senators phone numbers from Buzzfeed. Here are Natasha Cloud's comments:
On the basketball front, Christy Winters-Scott and Gabe Ibrahim discuss the Indiana Fever firing coach Marianne Stanley, how the Connecticut Sun recover from Jasmine Thomas's injury, the Las Vegas Aces' fast start,  and how good the Dallas Wings look to start the year (Recorded before Thursday's Dallas-Connecticut game). They also discuss the current state of the Washington Mystics, how Athletes Unlimited is affecting players this season and wedding gift giving.
0:00 Uvalde, Texas
7:09 Marianne Stanley
20:11 Jasmine Thomas
30:17 Las Vegas Aces
41:33 Dallas Wings
50:20 Washington Mystics
#WNBA #LasVegasAces
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