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The Her Hoop Stats Podcast: WNBA & NCAA Women’s Basketball

Mar 17, 2022

The NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament is here! The Regional Finals and Final Four should be even better than last year's with a potential matchup of player of the candidates, a tough road for defending champions Stanford Cardinal, and  UConn fighting to make their 13th straight Final Four. Christy Winters-Scott (ESPN, Big Ten Network) and Gabe Ibrahim pick every single game in their joint bracket. Part 1 includes picks for the first and second rounds while Part 2 contains Sweet 16, Elite 8, and Final Four games. You can compete against them in the Her Hoops Stats Bracket challenge:
0:00 Greensboro regional finals
6:44 Wichita regional finals
12:16 Spokane regional finals
22:16 Bridgeport regional finals
35:35 Final Four
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