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The Her Hoop Stats Podcast: WNBA & NCAA Women’s Basketball

Mar 17, 2022

The NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament is here! The first and second rounds should be electric this year with potential cinderellas in FGCU and Princeton and top dogs South Carolina and NC State looking to start their runs to the championship. Christy Winters-Scott (ESPN, Big Ten Network) and Gabe Ibrahim pick every single game in their joint bracket. Part 1 includes picks for the first and second rounds while Part 2 contains Sweet 16, Elite 8, and Final Four games. You can compete against them in the Her Hoops Stats Bracket challenge:
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6:35 Greensboro first
21:31 Greensboro second
31:14 Wichita first
45:39 Wichita second
48:35 Spokane first
1:13:31 Spokane second
1:20:30 Bridgeport first
1:26:35 Bridgeport second